Adios 2018 and We are ready for it — 2019

To say a proper goodbye to your year as it comes to an end, reflecting on all that we have done, all that we have learned and all that we are grateful for.

Hello people,

Oh my, we’ve had quite the year … so many things went down that unfortunately, our blog had to take a backseat most of the time. So instead of a steady trickle of updates, we’ve instead compiled this ginormous post at the end of the year. We shall try to deliver more frequent updates next year.

New clients

This year we’ve made an incredible mark in bagging the best clients, in fact, we have built long-lasting relationships with clients around the world. We’ve often connected with clients round the clock connecting from the USA to Newzealand. We have completed a few projects and even started the foundation for a lot of projects which would be standalone for us in 2019. We have done projects in the fields of Healthcare, Fitness Tracking, On Demand Services, Conversion Oriented Portfolio Websites and many more.

As you can see, it’s a list with quite some variety — which is really the fun part of doing client work — so many different business domains to peek into and learn from.

Engaging everyone to start getting fit: Fyto — A social platform for fitness enthusiasts.

One of the largest projects which kept us busy all year was Fyto aka Simpliviva a software platform to enable all the fitness enthusiasts to come under one single domain. Fyto enables us to track our steps, water and sleep activity using any fitness watches and the fitness applications. The fun part is anyone can create a group, harness a challenge among the group and the rest as we know the best way to get fit.

We built and designed the platform in close collaboration with USA Doctors and Nutritionists: We are the first to create a group and harness a 9-week challenge with all the predefined parameters. We have designed and developed the mobile application with simple yet sophisticated UX/UI which makes it the best projects of our arsenal. And we have big plans for next year, to be announced at a later point in time. 😇

On-demand Services — One of our major forte

Organicaa, The idea is simple enough. We need fresh milk, eggs and yeah a lot of things daily. If something runs out of stock and your delivery guy has forgotten to deliver something that would start a mini-war at your home early in the morning. What if the same way a delivery executive comes and delivers everything you need in the morning at your doorstep on a monthly subscription, and you can also increase your commodities quantity right before delivery guy visits your place. Organicaa wants to help people to evade from the hassles created every day in the morning due to this daily commodities.

Our experience of working with startups made us even business consulting partners for this project where we proposed the right and efficient business model for the application which was readily accepted by the client. On-demand applications have become our forte and we can implement any domain and create a seamless on-demand application for your requirement.

We are starting our product consulting wing, You are wondering to start a new product and want some quick audit about the idea and implementation we are always in the front-run to mold your idea into a wonderful product.

Valmiki Group- If you wish to fly abroad, they provide you the wings

The most strategic project we’ve worked on so far also Valmiki group is a conglomerate group which provides foreign education consultancy, immigration, smart learning, tours and travels services to students all over India to achieve their dream of studying abroad. We were responsible for the content strategy, visual design, SVG animations the UX/UI Implementation, SEO Optimization, as well as building a comprehensive admin panel for their leads data.

Now that the website itself is live, the real work starts: winning people’s trust and bringing users to the brand new website. We’re happy to support in this after-launch phase of the project as well.

So, we are good at design and understanding what's best for your business. So don't compromise with your business website, it's 2019 already and people are searching for you on google, not on the streets. So let's get your website to create a great impression for your target market and we would be there to craft a great website for your business.

Healthcare — Solving great problems faced by doctors and patients using the right technology.

Continuous technological developments in healthcare have saved countless lives and improved the quality of life for even more. Not only has technology changed experiences for patients and their families, but it’s also had a huge impact on medical processes and the practices of healthcare professionals.

We have had our share in creating great products in the healthcare sector for a major client in the Indian government — Care 4 Hemo & Myeloma. These applications majorly focus on the EHR ( electronic health record ) of all the patient details and treatment proposed by the doctors regarding respective cancer.

We also laid a foundation for an application where everyone can find the right homeopathy, ayurvedic doctors and consult them through a video call. Join thousands of people who get medical advice, consultation, medication, treatment from doctors in Hyderabad at economical prices. Ensure you have a doctor when and where you need them, download the Docco360 mobile app today to experience 360-degree solution for medical issues you face every day.

Government Initiatives — Providing the right technology where the requirement is the most

Setwin Home Services — Setwin Department plays a major role in training professional services to unskilled people in Telangana State. We have built an on-demand service mobile application where anyone book a government trained carpenter, electrician, beautician, fashion designer online with a couple of clicks. This application will be live soon in February 2019.

On-Demand Tractor Services in Nirmal District — Nirmal District stands at the top when it comes to agriculture in Telangana State. Nirmal District Collectorate came up with a unique idea of connecting the tractor owners and tractors using integrated IVRS with help of single call. This enhances the chance of procuring tractors, agricultural equipment for the farmers in the district at an economical price

Think TRS campaign- We got a wonderful opportunity working with the digital team of TRS party to create a stunning and informative website about the developments done by TRS party in the four years of their government.

We were responsible for the content strategy, visual design, SVG animations the UX/UI Implementation, SEO Optimization.

When it comes to providing the right solutions to the initiatives led by government sector we are always ahead in implementing the best product for them.

Our Partners — We have collaborated with major design and digital agencies in Hyderabad

We have partnered with 3DM, PAD, the top digital and design agencies in Hyderabad. We are associated with a motto to provide the right technology to their clients and also craft brand new solutions which will enhance their business.

We are proud to announce that we have even tied up with Mr.Charan Lakkaraju, Stumagz Founder who plays a key role in our company as an advisor.

Bring it on 2019!

There is probably a ton more to say, but I’ll wrap it up here to get back to reading, eating, and not-working over the holidays. In summary, this year has been utterly fantastic, with challenging projects, an impressive team spirit and many achievements we only dreamed of before. I feel incredibly privileged to be working with this group of people on these projects. Bring it on 2019, we’re ready for new challenges and I can’t wait to tackle them together.

A huge thank you goes out to everyone who supported us this year, be it employees, clients, freelancers, companies we partnered with, friends, friends of friends, party guests or social media followers! You make all of this possible and, even more importantly, worth it.

Fresh HOPES, Fresh PLANS, Fresh EFFORTS, Fresh FEELINGS, Fresh COMMITMENT. Welcome, 2019 with a fresh ATTITUDE. Happy New Year.

“The ones who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world are the ones that do”

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