AWS - An Cloud Computing Giant!

3 min readOct 12, 2020


The extremely customizable cloud computing service provider, AWS has the potential of being the era-defining cloud service provider. Over a period of time, it has envisioned an extremely trusted and rapidly growing cloud infrastructure within its reach — a class which is further growing and commanding the computer and IoT market. It is through these defining parameters that one can easily foresee the enormous change in cloud computing, governed by AWS. Unlike its modern kinds, AWS aims at greater affordability, customization, and “get what I want!” forces of the modern-day market.

Market Enlargement to survive in the Competition

With the blasting increase of digitalization and IoT (thanks to the handy gadgets we use), the area of cloud consumption is indeed vast; vast enough that it can and will assist the competitors. But, given that the consumer’s choice is wise, one would opt for AWS at least for a trial, which seems, will be appealing enough to the consumers to depend on it forever. Long-tail cloud use cases that AWS won’t optimize and will continue to spring up. Today’s long-tail use case maybe the size of the entire 2020 cloud computing market 10–12 years down the line: Google, Digital Ocean, Microsoft are well placed to pick up what Amazon is proud to offer. But, as far as “need of the hour” regards, AWS has a better edge over these contestants.

With its expanding wings, it is further attracting the attention and trust of the cloud consumers/service providers. People are willing to collab with AWS due to the gravity built around it. AWS also readily caters to the modern-day needs of cloud services. It allows its customers to have at their disposal a full-fledged virtual group of computers, available all the time, through the internet. AWS Cloud Services will surely dominate its counterparts and expand its reach as time advances.

AWS Competitive Market Strategy

In a functional sense, any company won’t need more than one server until it has users it cannot accommodate. But, in consideration of cost reduction, one might as well rethink over maximizing the profit margin and that’s where AWS will stand high and apart. Having a low margin pattern in its DNA, Amazon will sweep away the scattered service providers. In the flux of cloud computing and its teeming expenses, likewise, companies will obviously cut down their cost too to withstand the competition, but to what extent? They also have to keep up the brand value. They offer services, which AWS also offers, at comparatively higher prices. In the event, eventually, the consumer will be benefitting due to the cut-throat competition and search for market command. The prices will be scratched down so low that cloud services become cheaper than an internet connection. With this kind of demand that we see nowadays, the same consumers would be facing a crisis.

Even with respect to its service delivery, AWS stands taller than its counterparts due to its affordability, efficiency, and trust. The progress of AWS will depend on inducing the center of data mass onto AWS. If the future cloud computing demands what AWS is already offering, then it will be highly improbable for other budding competitors to match steps with the success that AWS has gained by that time.

Market Status

AWS is safer, cost-effective, and efficient as compared to its corresponding competitors. Google has proficiency over the machine learning part that defines it is putting greater efforts in machine development than cloud progress, while Microsoft is good at solving nearly only 80% of cloud computing needs and problems. So, AWS brings exclusiveness into the play, it becomes sensible to think of it as a master of the arena. Every firm has its specialty in something and AWS has it in cloud computing. With proper grip over safety, affordability, and reliability, AWS Cloud Services will continue to exhibit its mastery over cloud computing in the coming years.

Cloud computing is a booming business, one has to keep progressing unless you will be bankrupt. AWS delivers an assuring cloud service that is capable of serving you for the lifetime and you won’t have to time and money on inter-cloud transfer for AWS Cloud Services, It will let you keep your client relation intact and bloom through its seamless services, registering its own success.

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