How this man changed the lives of weavers in Telangana for the love towards his mother

On this eve of Mothers Day, we would like to write about a person with his relentless love towards his mother and art of weaving who has transformed himself from a school dropout to a Padmashri recipient i.e; Chintakindi Mallesham It’s been almost a year a link was shared to me on Whatsapp. It was a Ted Talk in Hyderabad, where I came to know about a man named “Chintakindi Mallesham”.

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Chintakindi Mallesham Mother Laxmi weaving with the traditional ASU yantra

The inventor of Laxmi ASU machine. Understanding his mother’s pain and passion to find a solution made him invent the Laxmi ASU Machine. He struggled for seven years, but all his hard work paid off. He received many awards and won the Padmashree too. Recently his biopic was too released.

From a 10th class student to Padmashree Award Holder.

Here are the lessons we learned as a company from the remarkable journey of this great man,

Whenever I listen to his name the things I get in my mind is “Never give up” and “his love towards his mother” because he invented the machine without any technical guidance from anyone. As he didn’t know English, he used to carry a dictionary to understand the meaning of words when studying books on electronics.

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Mallesham working on his first Mechanical ASU Machine
  1. Even though your friends, family, and even the whole world are against you. You should believe in yourself and in your dreams. One-day, the whole world will recognize your efforts. His friends and other people in the village made fun of him and his dream. We should never “GIVE UP”
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Mallesham with his mother after building the first ASU yantra

Believe in the dream. Even though the entire world is saying that you can’t make it, he was told only engineers can invent this sort of thing.

He strongly believed in his dream and made his wife and mother believe, that one day he will do it.

Mallesham never doubted himself because he worked for a noble cause of solving a problem for his mother. This mother’s day lets salute the people who have been working hard to provide a great life to their parents.

The machine has been recognized as the best grassroots innovation by The National Innovation Foundation (NIF), India and Mallesham was honored by the President of India in 2009. Mallesham also made it to the Forbes’ list of seven most powerful rural Indian entrepreneurs, whose ‘inventions are changing lives’ of the people across the country.

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Mallesham also received the Amazing Indians Award 2016 at the hands of the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. So far, Mallesham has supplied 800 ASU machines to weavers. The present cost of the machine is Rs 25,000. The inventor-turned-entrepreneur has estimated that 1,000 more machines will be required to cover all the weaver families of the district. While the machines have been bought by the well-to-do families, there are many who cannot afford to buy them.

We salute this monumental man who has created a pathbreaking solution for weavers in Telangana with his selfless love towards his mother.

We wish everyone around the world a Happy Mothers Day

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