If anyone who needs the Technology in India, Its our Farmers

In the last few years, governance in India across sectors has been redefined through business process reengineering, technology, and data analytics. Technology is reshaping the way the government is designing and implementing programs. The use of technology has brought in better systems, greater efficiency, and is beginning to have a profound impact on governance.

The rapid adoption of digital technology across sectors is making things easy and eliminating all forms of human intervention. This has a major impact on the efficiency and effectiveness of governance, Our team has worked with government organizations like Collectorates & Municipalities of different districts in Telangana and also for Society for Employment Promotion & Training in twin cities by the government of Telangana (SETWIN).

Rythu Yantra, India’s first-ever digital farmer services platform focusing on enhancing the farmers’ productivity and efficiency through technology. Rythu yantra helps the government to form an organized channel for the farmer to receive the services through trusted service providers.

How Rythu Yantra Application has helped the Farmers and the Government

It is like an Uber app for the farmers. The farmer can order for any equipment or service that he requires, and pronto, he gets it by making bookings in the app, based on which the nearest service provider who registered as a vendor will get notified and facilitate the service. On the other hand, the government gets access to the data which indeed is helpful in analytics and planning the governance for the upcoming days.

Goals of Our Solution

  • On-Demand services for farmers by verified service providers and agencies.
  • Efficient communication between the government and farmers.
  • Agricultural innovation by connecting agro entrepreneurs and farmers.
  • Smart Data Analytics for the government to monitor farmers in your District.

Rythu Yantra — Farmer’s Mobile App

  • Download and Install Rythu Yantra — Farmer mobile application from play store
  • Register through your mobile number — Farmer can register into the platform through OTP verification
  • Select your desired category — Farmers can select the services from the following categories
  • Select your desired service — We list all the services under every category with respect to every district in Telangana
  • Select your date & time, location — Farmers can select the desired date & time, location for the service provider.
  • Select your service provider — Farmers can select the desired service providers with respect to their Village, Mandal, and District.
  • The service provider will accept your service and will be on their way to complete the requested service.

Rythu Yantra — District Admin Panel

In the Dashboard screen, You can select the “Mandal” and get the following reports

  • Total number of bookings
  • Total number of completed bookings
  • Total number of farmers
  • Total number of vendors
  • Number of services in every category


Step 1 — We configured the district, mandals and villages data

Step 2 — Our ground research team registers all the services with respect to a particular district

Step 3 — We onboard quality and reliable service providers with the support from the government

Step 4 — We collaborate with innovative agro entrepreneurs, scientists to provide the best solutions to farmers

Step 5 — Promoting the application among the farmer community using the right channels

Step 6 — Providing the required support for farmers and service providers for a smooth process of booking


  • Nirmal District Collector M Prashanti, IAS; Yellapragada Venkat, CEO, Janaspandana Software, and officials of the Agriculture Department have received the Digital Transformation Award instituted for implementing Rythu Yantra in Nirmal District for facilitating the growth of farmers.
  • The Hans India daily has featured the achievements of the team Rythu yantra in their daily and also in the E-paper
  • The Telangana today daily has published a news article about the Rythu yantra and its necessity.

We always look forward to serving the community with the technology, we are always open to developing any new digital platforms in different sectors to help the businesses, government, and its users. We gain satisfaction by developing innovative solutions for the problems we go through in our daily lives.

Janaspandana is an innovative product development company, who can help you to transform that long-awaited vision into a possible reality.

You can connect with us by dropping an email to business@janaspandana.in

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