Journey of Telangana from youngest state to best state in India.

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Telangana State Day

“Reinventing and Reorienting” is something like taking up a radically challenging new assignment, scheme or way of life. It implies requirement of entirely a new vision for transformation of the state that is newly formed. In the context of Telangana state, it refers to setting the direction and focus in alignment with the new and transformational vision.

Creating More Possiblities with Less Resources
From a stage of insufficient staff to handle the administration Telangana moved to a stage where it could manage with the available officers which was a big challenge the state faced. From a power cut state, it moved to round-the-clock uninterrupted power supply state including to agriculture sector. From a stage where taxes were collected from farmer, it moved to a stage of investment support scheme for agriculture.

Telangana had undertaken major strides towards transition from a shackled economy to a growth-oriented, people-centric and welfare-oriented governance. Its approach to the development of the State is not growth versus equity but growth and equality being addressed in tandem.

As KTR quoted in a conference held at an IIT “ Telangana being a startup state has achieved enormous progress in a short span with optimimum usage of the resources. Something has to be special about a place when big firms like Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft, Google and Apple choose it as their second home.

Why the rush?

Telangana proved to be a fast learner and a smart player who learned from the mistakes of other states. Following the footsteps of states like Gujarat and Tamil Nadu, who went through a similar technological revolution, Telangana made the companies come to them using a simple method — shifting the whole procedure online.

A single window concept which is called Telangana State Project Approval and Self-Certification System (TS-iPASS) run by the government gives them all the permissions and clearances within 15 days for large projects, for large scale industry. If the company is not getting that permission from the government then it is deemed to be approved and the applicant can go ahead by self certifying. It is this pro investor friendly industrial policy behind Telangana’s evolution into the IT hub.

2years of T-Hub: From Startup Incubator to Making Hyderabad a Startup Destination
The T-hub is a first-of-its-kind public-private partnership between the Telangana government, three central academic institutes — IIIT-H, Indian School of Business (ISB), NALSAR Law University and private entities.

The main aim of the partnership is to aid technology-related start-ups and the ‘hub’ provides an innovation driven ecosystem for these companies at a nominal fee. The incubator is expected to be a vantage point for entrepreneurs and investors from India and the world, as it is hard for start-ups to acquire sophisticated infrastructure and professional services.

At a time when Hyderabad is slowly coming into the spotlight as the next big startup destination in India, co-founders of three startups based out of the city have made it to the Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia 2018 list.

IT-Hub-based electric vehicle startup Gayam Motor Works co-founder Rahul Gayam, digital campus ecosystem startup Stumagz founders Frederick Devarampati and Sri Charan Lakkaraju and medical transportation service StanPlus Tech co-founder Prabhdeep Singh have been featured in “Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia 2018 list which manifests the growth of entrepreneurial ecosystem in Telangana State.

All Indian states are heading for e-governance and Telangana is one of the states moving faster than others. The Telangana government has largely used the services of start-ups to set up their e-governance apps. RTA M-Wallet, My GHMC, Hawkeye, Arogyasri App, TSSPDCL which avoids the common phrase said by common folks- “Never ending lines and complicated processes”…

We Janaspandana Software Solutions started our entrepreneurial journey as a first batch of T-hub Startups where we have connected ourselves to a world of entrepreneurs. We believe in a fact that, if there is something which can change the hemisphere for a better tomorrow, that’s technology.

Janaspandana Software Solutions designs, validates and develops responsive web designs & sophisticated web applications, transform passionate startup ideas to market winning applications. We provide solutions to startups, business enterprises, public sector units, government organizations.

On this promising day which completes 4 years of inception of the youngest,successful and startup friendly state in the country, We Janaspandana Software Solutions completing 3 years of our entrepreneurial journey would contribute to the progress of Telangana exponential growth by encouraging fresh talent to join us and also supporting young entrepreneurs in building products which can bring a great impact in our society.

Happy Telangana State Day 2018

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