JSS, How it all started!

We had spent some time with our CEO Venkat Yellapragada understanding his journey throughout the long run and here is what he has to say,

what is that one quality of you believed in which made you started this company?

I always wanted to learn, innovate new things. The business gave me the chance to learn and innovate new things which will make me grow everyday while creating an impact on the ecosystem. Bigger Challenges made me chose business rather than a job, it is obvious even if you're doing a job, you will face challenges every day and it will teach you something but you will be working for the company’s good. But in the business though, you will learn, evolve, take up challenges and succeed or will again learn from the mistakes, you're the company here and you will be working for your own good.

I believe that businesses are not started and you don't need to have everything to start a business, It is born and evolved at every stage. When a group of people comes together to do something productive.

Why a tech company?

Despite my father being a businessman, no one from my family is from a tech background but in a way, I and my brother acquired a lot of knowledge from watching my dad approaching different situations and the way how business works, have saved a lot of my days.

We had a journey with our father, helping him with building a tech product in my third academic year. I and my brother understood the core idea of technology and what we can do by learning tech and by having a team of tech people. Our nation is experiencing the digital revolution these days, we understood how the technology works and got excited about the solutions which can be built through tech. The easiest way of doing business with minimum capital is being a service company and we were keen to start a tech company, as entrepreneurs we initially tried out different things and experienced new things which taught us a lot eventually.

What will you ask to your younger self?

I would ask my younger self why mechanical engineering, but seriously speaking in my younger years, I was more fascinated about automobiles and i related myself to mechanical engineering in that way but I figured out that is not going to excite me in a long run, ultimately I always wanted to be an entrepreneur so I was figuring out what excites me and my father came in, I started working on his product, he’s the one to thank.

We finally decided to start a tech company and at that period of time, the ecosystem encouraged youngsters to be entrepreneurs. It’s pretty much set for me to jump into tech business, with the help of my dad. He helped me in the funding process as well as business. We started as a nuclear team, we started working on a coworking space filled with entrepreneurs of the same kind. We have worked on multiple projects for them, which has helped us a lot in financial needs.

We have faced some challenges, at times I’ll feel not motivated not too deep but I had those thoughts still my team kept me running and we were mentally committed to the business when we started this venture.

I feel the two most important things in a company are, the team always comes first and the second thing is the process you incorporate in each area. We always had team members who take ownership of what they do, which sorted a lot of our problems, and basically, we help each other to be better.

We would always introduce ourselves as a team of aspirants with consistency and passion for building tech solutions, our teams are the greatest strength of JSS. We admire Zoho a lot, we see ourselves laying the foundation to enter into the same league of Zoho in the next five years.

Janaspandana is an innovative product development company, who can help you to transform that long-awaited vision into a possible reality.

we will connect again with some more interesting experiences of young entrepreneurs in the coming Fridays, stay connected.

You can connect with us by dropping an email to business@janaspandana.in

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