#Last year we survived, Now it's time to Thrive.

3 min readJan 2, 2021


December is the month when people start to review what they have achieved in the past 12 months and plan for the next. It’s usually between these days, when you thought to yourself, that you’ve wasted another 365 days of your life. But this year, what else can we do?

2020 sure is underwhelming in all sorts of ways. There was (…and there still is) a world pandemic. There are already a bunch of articles about how 2020 is the shittiest year of all. On that note, we will focus on the things that we can be grateful for in 2020.‍‍

2020 has been a challenging but ultimately rewarding year for us. We have achieved a few milestones this year that we have been working towards for a while, like building an integrated digital campus platform for Anurag University. We also proved to ourselves how resilient we are in the face of immense challenges.

This year we’ve made an incredible mark in bagging the clients mainly from the startup industry and ed-tech sector. In fact, we have built long-lasting relationships with our existing clients. We have done projects in the fields of ed-tech, video calling, video conferencing, mobile gaming, on-demand printing, startup consulting, solid waste management.

As you can see, it’s a list with quite some variety — which is really the fun part of doing client work — so many different business domains to peek into and learn from.

We started 2020 with a major performance improvement to our workflow, reducing our delivery time by half and in some cases even more. This was a critical milestone for us because we are true believers in the impact performance has on customer satisfaction and engagement–a faster delivery always leads to a happy customer.

This has been a year to remember, we have adapted to work right from our home, learn a lot of new skills, understand the value of family, etc.

One thing is sure, everyone, the business had taken the hit due to this pandemic, We are also the victims for it, but there was no attrition in our firm at any point of the pandemic.

We stick to our ideals and worked from home to enable solutions for our clients and support them get back to business virtually.

Our Clients

We have helped the drunken monkey team to increase their number of franchisees and online sales through our integrated digital quick service management software

We have worked with clients — Our print, Leastcountworld, Gozars, to turn their budding ideas into successful products.

Our major achievement is working with Anurag University to build the modern user interface for a complete overhaul of their existing University Management System which involves the University Management System, Student Information System, and Learning Management System.

We also started our product consulting wing Thrive where we work with aspiring entrepreneurs and business enterprises to turn their ideas into intuitive digital experiences.

Looking Forward

2021 promises to be a very exciting year. We’ll continue focusing on scaling and maturing the product to appeal to an even wider customer base — from enterprise capabilities and advanced integrations to more sensors on the platform and focus on the PLG (Product-led Growth) initiative.

2020 taught us the true meaning of becoming and staying resilient and that only makes us stronger for what lies ahead. We’re excited 🙂

Stay tuned 🔥🚀🎉




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