Meet Mr. Ketan Srisai, Co-founder & COO at JSS. (Part — 1)

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Let’s continue to get acquainted! Today we will tell you a little about the last member among the three musketeers Mr. Ketan Srisai, a co-founder, and chief operating officer at JSS.

Ketan is a highly qualified specialist in the field of engineering tech-oriented business models. He manages our project’s public relations and internal communications with a deep understanding of technology. He is totally responsible for the execution of business operations which includes ongoing activities of the project.

We spent some time with our Chief Operating Officer Mr. Ketan Srisai understanding his journey and here is what he has to say,

What do you enjoy the most in doing business? and why tech?

So when it comes to starting any business on at this point of time where technology is used the most, and everything is done through technology, if you want to book a cab, or even if you want to order something, and it has gone to the deeper root level, because at earlier when I was in my engineering, I didn’t see this much of technology. At that point in time manufacturing, the automotive industry, and lots of other businesses were doing really well.

But as of 2010, technology played a critical role. In India, it came late, because other people had early access to the internet. we were unable to access the internet that easily back then. But after 2010, even the internet prices came down a bit. Even at that time, I understood the seriousness of the internet and technology. That made me curious like, there are multiple apps being built in the US, UK, and different parts of the globe. But I cannot see one app coming out of India.

Then I saw swiggy, I saw so many benefits looking at such applications where me being a foodie, I wanted to search for a good restaurant. And earlier, I used to make a just dial call and find out where the restaurant is, later that became apps or websites where we can just go search it out and see which restaurant is better which reviews are better. So that brought a lot of curiosity in me and coming back to my background. I enjoyed marketing, I enjoyed meeting people, I enjoyed understanding people right from the start. So the clubbing of technology and my passion for marketing, made me pursue this business, What I enjoy the most is right from my childhood is, solving problems.

An impact can be created in any domain, it can be retail, it can be commerce, it can be automation, or it can be the automotive industry. If we are solving a problem in that domain through technology, and the clients are happy about it, and the users are happy about it, that’s what I enjoy the most to help business and that’s why technology.

How to Pivot a Business?

What I feel is people are just trying to copy something or reiterate a successful product and bring a product. The real challenge lies in implementation and what problem you’re solving. How many people does your target group contains and how they are visioning that change or returning that product or be able to use it.

Even as I would say, we thought some of our products would do wonders, right from my journey where I started with My Digi City, we started with a product where, we thought everyone needs a website for their businesses, and we’ll give a website to everyone which can generate a good amount of business for them. But things have not gone that way. Because technology is not the only thing that can get you a successful product. You need your branding, you need your marketing, you need your PR, in you need your data analytics as well, to take the good decisions and make your product better.

So what happens is, most of the founders, technology people who start the product, they don’t know where to pivot the product or how to pivot your product, according to the market standards or market condition.

So even with us, when we started as a product development company, we faced those challenges because we as a bootstrap company, no one was backing us up, we faced lots of challenges in terms of marketing budgets, or marketing expenses, we were unable to understand what’s the real-time scenario there. But through those experiences, we restructured ourselves into a service-based firm, because we understood that selling websites doesn't fetch us, we thought of selling it as a service.

That’s how Janaspandana has achieved a good track record, now we have 75 successful clients. And we have done services like mobile applications, web applications, even GPS devices integration. We understood it’s better to build upon their specifications. And one more good thing we have as a company is understanding their problem or understanding their workflow issues, or maybe any problem statement they state, understanding them in a better way to give them what they want.

I believe we should always like grow on the feedback given by your clients or given by your users, that makes easy to build a product or build a service or build an application which can fetch you something because it should not be an application and the data has to grow that application. And slowly with that data, the application can be made even better. And that’s how we function us today.

So what is your approach to maintaining a company’s position in the market?

In 2017, when we positioned ourselves to become a service-based firm, they were around 10,000 phones in Hyderabad, Just even if you count in India, there were lakhs of firms who are doing software services, and also they are busy. So we wanted to be a different one, we wanted us to position ourselves as a different organization, rather than just getting a requirement document and building the product and leaving it there. So we don’t want it to be that kind of a company. So after going through our competitors, or after going through market leaders who are there, we felt we wanted ourself to be a product development company, and a company, based not on the quantity of how much we’re building and whether it is in Java, or dotnet, or any other technologies.

we focused on the integral parts of the existing services companies, we focused more on quality, we focused more on user experience, we focused more on solving their exact problem, understanding the workflow. So these four factors, I would say, these things build a culture for our company, our team is one of the important factors. As you see, “PPC, it’s actually pay per click” but in our case, “it’s people, process, and clients”. So with our people, we followed a process, which basically did well for our clients. And every client is nurtured in such a way that the client stays with us.

So even if you look at the last three years, there was retention completely because of our work style, how we deliver the product, and how the product is delivered and making an impact in their business or maybe creating business. So to quote examples, least count, where we just have a physical idea to be transformed into a product. But, we have not just build a basic mobile game, which is there, there are thousands of mobile games in the play store but we followed quality right from the start. And we maintain that quality and we delivered the product, which has around 15 k users in less than two to three months, because of the user interface and the user experience is so right from the start. we love creating good designs and good experiences. so finding your sweet spot in the market comes with experimenting and client feedback

Janaspandana is an innovative product development company, who can help you to transform that long-awaited vision into a possible reality.

we will connect again with the continuation of Mr. Biz’s experiences tomorrow, stay connected.

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