Meet Mr. Ketan Srisai, Co-founder & COO at JSS. (Part — 2)

What is the key of JSS success?

We as team are inspired and we follow Apple Inc, as most of our co founders are already shared with you all. We have been following Apple design standards, we maintain that quality in every aspect of our development, cloud security, design implementation, and all those aspects, even in terms of our training services, client servicing, tech support, we maintain a quality. Development alone doesn’t make you successful tech company, what we feel is implementation is a key.

Changes are constant, one should continuously incorporate changes to evolve as a successful business irrespective of the domains but it is difficult, it is not easy all the time. what is your take on this?

Changes what we have seen in this firm, is basically due to the situation we faced, there were situations where it demanded us to adapt to a change, or else it would have made our situation difficult. So that’s how in any entrepreneurial journey, when they face challenging situations, that will lead them to take those decisions. So changes are one important thing, but there should be adequate amount of data because I’m being a marketing I do math all the time and I believe more in data.

Have you developed any solutions for any of your realtime problems?

As I mentioned, we need to build products out of our own problems. This year, the world has gone through a tremendous change, we have hit the pause button, due to the pandemic situation and there was tremendous changes in each and every business sector. So technology has played as part of daily lives, brought everything to our doors, without even stepping out.

  • Event Landing Page: We provide a modern digital identity website for the events marriages, corporate events, etc.
  • Exclusive Live Streaming: Watermarked live streaming solutions for single & multiple events such as Marriages, Corporate Events, Birthdays, Anniversaries.
  • Youtube Live Streaming: Youtube based live streaming for single & multiple events through youtube channel with group chat feature.
  • Event Digital Video Invites: Our team can visualize and develop video-based digital invites with customer photos and videos through Adobe After Effects CC.
  • Digital Client Delivery: You can save a lot of time and money maintaining harddisks through our cloud-based digital delivery of pictures with multiple permission access (200 GB storage)

What is your pitch?

My pitch is very simple come join us, let’s build amazing products together. Product development is always something which is related to everyone, if there is a new idea, everyone should give their views and insights on how to make the product better out of it, It is always a collaborative effort. And that’s what I feel amazing working with the clients as well, where they look at their product idea being nurtured into a product.



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