Steve Jobs — The man behind many entrepreneurs of this generation

Reading success stories of the greatest professionals stimulates motivational enzymes within us and we all wish to emulate them on our path to success.

“Remembering that I will die very soon, I am most helpful in taking the biggest decision of my life because when I am truthful about the death, then the fear of failing all the pride, all disappear and only that Survives which is really important to say” — This is the success story of Steve Jobs — a successful entrepreneur — the story of Apple — a billion-dollar top company. You may not have heard his name, but you must have heard about — Apple devices and iPhones. It is also possible that you are reading this article on an Apple device or iPhone itself. So if that’s true let’s start the story of Apple on your Apple device.

The genius Steve Jobs is among the world’s most influential entrepreneurs. In the world, he is not only known as a successful entrepreneur and businessman, but he also has a high status among the world’s most prominent speakers. The success story of steve jobs can inspire you and make a believe you in yourself. Let’s remember his life journey from the start.

Steve Jobs.

The name is so incredibly inspiring and intimidating at the same time.

The man who created Apple.

The man who turned black turtlenecks into a uniform of power.

The man who changed technology forever.

His legacy is one-of-a-kind. The tech titan’s impact on the world remains unparalleled.

Which is why it comes as no surprise that Jobs was a very unique individual right from the beginning.

Early Life of Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs was born on 24 February 1955 in California, Steve’s mother gave birth to Steve when she was in college and by then she had never been married to anyone. Didn’t want to keep, they made Steve someone to adopt. Steve Jobs was adopted by Paul and Carla Jobs. Paul and Carla were from a middle-class family and didn’t have much money, yet they met Steve’s every need and One of the best schools he attended was Steve’s early education at Monta Loma School.

In 1972 he took admission to Reed’s College in Oregon to pursue college, which was the most expensive college. Due to which his parents did not know about how to pay his fees even after many years, Steve was not even able to see his family in the problem. He started selling bottles of cold drinks on weekends and due to the financial crisis In order to save the rent of his hotel, he used to eat free food in the temple and used to sleep on the ground in his friends’ room. Still, after doing so, he could not get the full college fees. So at last, he dropped the college. After he left college, he spent his entire life putting on his already thought-provoking business.

Starting the Story of Apple Company

Steve, along with his school friend Wozniak, built a tire of the operating system — MacIntosh- in his father’s small garage and then tried to sell this operating system. It was said that building a computer named Apple could not do so due to a lack of link pesos. His problem was solved by a friend of his, Michmurk Ula. After this, the real success story of steve jobs started and changed the world. After that in 1976, at the age of 20, he started a company called Apple, after seeing the hard work of Steve and his friends, in a few years the Apple company was a small Grew from the garage to become a company with 2 billion dollars and 4000 employees. But this period of Steve’s life was not long, due to his partners not being liked and listened to among themselves, the popularity of the Apple company started to decrease and slowly the company got immersed in debt, after which the board and director met and Steve was contracted and moved out of his company in 1985.

Apple is among the top companies in the world and has written history impacting the whole world through personal computers, smartphones, wearables, etc.

Steve Jobs died in California on 5 October 2011 due to pancreatic cancer. The success story of steve jobs ended a little soon. But still, he created a huge impact on our world. Jobs said of those who think they can change the world, the same people in the world really can change the world.

In our view, Steve Jobs is an inspiration for entrepreneurs, marketing & advertising professionals, product designers & managers, UI/UX Designers. He has shown us a path to design, develop, advertise, market, and sell products that can create an impact on society.

Looking back at his incredible journey, all I can do is repeat Steve Jobs’ final words, “Oh wow.”

It all drills down to the first step. If you have an idea, action it. If you don’t start, it will die out. Have belief in your idea and begin.

Read this book — Steve Jobs — The exclusive biography to know the detailed biography of Steve Jobs.

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