Swachh Khammam — Digital Sanitary Monitoring Application

Digital Transformation in India is driving India’s growth story with transformative initiatives like the Smart Cities Mission, Make in India and Digital India. By harnessing Information Technology (IT), Operational Technology (OT), Internet of Things (IoT), and big data analytics, the government is redefining the way it engages with the citizens. Disruption fuelled by future technologies lights a new path for governments to address rapid urbanization challenges. Organizations are moving swiftly from “closed innovation” to co-creation and strategic partnerships to keep pace with technological advancement and innovation at greatly enhanced speeds.

Our team has worked with government organizations and business enterprises which includes their use for the processing and distribution of data. Data means information, facts, statistics, etc. gathered for reference, storage, or analysis. Data analytics is expected to radically change the way we live and do business in the future.

How the Swachh Khammam application has transformed the mundane process of sanitary inspection using a digital monitoring solution.

The Swachh Khammam application is the next generation complaint redressal and an efficient mobile and web platform. It is a quantum leap in how complaints and grievances are being redressed by Municipal Corporation in Khammam. This solution is for all the 50 wards in Khammam Municipal Corporation. The core of the Swachh Khammam application is to enable citizen participation and civic engagement to help resolve the specific sanitary division in Khammam Municipal Corporation.

The goal of our solution

As per the problem statement mentioned by Sanitary Division Khammam Municipality, our team understood and transformed their mundane process to a data-driven digital monitoring solution.

Strategy For Solving the Problem

After understanding the problem we have interacted with Sanitary Jawaans, performed user research to provide the best possible solution for solving the problem. These are the following aspects we followed for delivering the best possible solution

- Configuring the google locations for divisions and dustbins

- Integrating Unique QR code for every dustbin with respect to their division

Swachh Khammam Mobile application

With over 420 dustbins and 60 Sanitary Jawaans, Khammam Municipal Corporation focuses on cleaning up the streets, roads, and infrastructure of Khammam Municipality. Every day the Sanitary Jawaans with respect to every division has a defined schedule for cleaning up the dustbins and the Sanitary inspectors monitor the work physically by visiting the dustbins.These helped us to devise a ease of use process which will rectify the current situation and provide us with right amount of data to analyze the performance

Sanitary Jawaan Mobile Application

Our mobile application is for the registered Sanitary jawaans working to keep Khammam clean. Sanitary Jawaans use our mobile application for the following objectives

- Scan the QR Codes placed on the Dustbins

- Take the picture of empty Dustbins

- The Dustbin is successfully scanned

- View the list of dustbins with respect to their division cleared on a particular day

Web Dashboard for Sanitary Team Khammam Municipal Corporation

The data-driven web dashboard is for the sanitary team to analyze the performance of Sanitary Jawaans every day in cleaning the dustbins in every dustbin

These are the following features of the Web Dashboard

- Managing Sanitary Officials

- Managing Dustbins and their respective QR codes

- Data Visualization of Performance of Sanitary Jawaans

- Map View of Dustbin Removal every day in Khammam Municipality

Implementation of Swachh Khammam Application

Our team believes training and constant handheld support enriches the use of technology by everyone in India.

  • We have provided the training sessions and video walkthroughs to all the Sanitary Officials for Better understanding of the application
  • Our team has appointed a support team to understand the realtime issues faced by Sanitary team
  • Even in this adverse situation, we have connected remotely to solve the technical enhancements to improve the solution

What we learned from the project

We believe technology is the key for unified development in every key aspect of our society. Waste management and monitoring is a key aspect in our lives which we generally overlook upon in our day to day life. We believe the change lies within the hands of great bureaucrats who are adopting innovative methodologies to transform the archaic processes to data-driven enhanced processes.

A few words from Sanitary team, Khammam Municipal Corporation

Swachh Khammam mobile application has helped us monitor the performance of Sanitary Jawaans. Team Janaspandana has the right amount of expertise to turn our idea to a realistic product. This application has made our process easy and efficient

We appreciate the team Janaspandana for providing the right kind of support to implement the solution successfully in the lockdown period.

This National Technology Day Lets salute our social innovators, entrepreneurs and scientists who are working to enhance the growth in India.

Technology has the power to transform anything and make it better and efficient. We believe we have the right expertise to analyse the problem and devise the best possible solution using technology for your organization. If you are facing a problem, or want to transform your current process to a better efficient one — We are there for you

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