The Next Big Thing in POS Platform for Food Chains across the Globe

5 min readApr 1, 2021


The customer is powering the point of sale as we move into 2021, and tech and trend prognosticators agree guest preferences are driving what the POS of the future will look like. As restaurants grapple with how to enable more and more ordering channels and fulfillment from in-store, drive-thru, curbside, and delivery, they are facing a — perhaps uneasy — reality in which sales are up despite a decline in in-store traffic. The point of service is becoming untethered from the point of sale. The next-generation point of sale is being shaped by the call for the POS to be all things for all people.

To achieve this, we pinpointed customers’ biggest pain points and solved them to create an integrated retail suite for Food chains across the globe — Thrive Retail Suite.

Modern Omnichannel Retail Suite provides opportunities for retailers to acquire new customers, engage better with existing customers, reduce the cost of operations, and improve employee motivation along with various other benefits that have a positive influence from a revenue and margin perspective.

The digital age presents opportunities for retailers to bring in greater levels of operational efficiency and customer-centricity in their business models. Digital is as much about people and mindsets as it is about technology. Competition is increasingly not between individual retailers but the wider constellation of alliances that the retailer builds within their network. The ability to foster a culture of collaboration is a critical enabler for any disruptive transformation in the retail sector.

So what’s the next major change going to be? What “next big thing” should your restaurant be ready for? We’ve picked a few trends we think will become the new normal. And this isn’t about the future — these innovations are happening right now!

Evolution of the POS

Food Chain management software is always changing. The simplest systems, used mainly to take payment from the customer, are now being replaced by all-in-one technology platforms that offer online ordering, loyalty programs, gift cards, CRM, and more.

Over the years, technology has specifically affected the way restaurants accept payments, process orders, engage with their customers, and manage their inventory. Some features that have been game-changers for the speed of service are simple things, like splitting checks and changing individual orders. Currently growing in popularity is the ability to create a customized menu from the ground up on your point-of-sale and then offer that menu online for increased revenue.

How modern POS is changing the industry

It’s no secret that technology can improve and transform the food chain customer experience. Restaurant operators find it important to search for new, innovative ways to launch their businesses to higher levels of guest satisfaction and operational efficiency. Modern-day point-of-sale software is changing the restaurant industry because of the level of service it enables a business to provide. Food Chains can now create a culture built on quality service. Mobile POS & KOD systems, in particular, allow employees more time on the floor with customers, rather than making multiple trips to the kitchen and the cash register.

What’s next for POS systems?

Within the next few years, there will be a surge in mobility for restaurants. A POS system’s ability to integrate with restaurant management apps covering everything from accounting to reservations and waitlists will increase the one-stop-shop nature of modern platforms. It’s likely that POS terminals will remain dominant and use multiple channels to connect with customers, improving the quality of food, service, and guest experience. Overall, the future of the POS system will combine both customer-facing and restaurant-facing features, creating a fluid experience.

Similar to any other industry, restaurant businesses have developed because of technology. POS systems make restaurant management easier, faster, and more efficient. It’s up to food chain owners to decide whether to ignore the trends in POS or embrace them and join the frontrunners in the restaurant industry.


Automation, in general, is a trend that we expect to flourish in the years to come. As smart technology makes its way into more corners of the restaurant industry, certain managerial tasks suddenly become easier to automate. We already mentioned how easy alternative systems make it to get orders from the table to the kitchen, but they can also help with Inventory management, accounting, and many of the more mundane aspects of restaurant management. Timely reports can be created automatically, providing valuable insight to help your business grow… not to mention just making your life as a Food chain owner a little easier!

These are some of the biggest changes we expect to see in the industry over the next year. If you’re not ready to face them yet, we’d love to help you prepare! Get in touch today and see how our team can help your food chain thrive in the market.

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