The Role, Technology played in this Pandemic

Well! loads of things circling around the global pandemic. It is common that each one of us would have never thought what technology could do to this humanhood, a decade back but as we are constantly going through a tech evolution day by day, getting access to mind-boggling gadgets, future technologies and through internet, accessing tons of information within few clicks. This evolution is inevitable and this became a part of our daily routine, we were driven towards technology even for simpler things without being known.

Technology have enlightened the world with a new path over the days, where we can break the boundaries of impossible. Starting from a morning alarm to virtual reality music concerts, tech has become a mandate ingredient in all our lives. This COVID pandamenic has pushed the tech innovations to even complete new verticals, from social media and on demand entertainment to digital medic consultation and digital learning.

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Janaspandana, being a team filled with tech innovators and tech consultants, our course on this pandemic had made our horizons go wider and made us work on more challenging and engaging products. Our teams have also worked on developing and implementing tech solutions for different businesses. We have innovated on-demand solutions on the Medical, Entertainment and Video streaming verticals.

Digitally-enabled business models have radically changed the world around us over the past decade. As many of the services that companies offer have transferred from brick-and-mortar branches to online channels, new businesses have been created by bringing new-found levels of convenience and choice for consumers. But not all companies have thrived in this period of extraordinary disruption: the business models of companies that were not adequately prepared have been compromised, in some cases irreparably.

A Glimple of our recent tech innovations: is an platform enabling you to stream the live events to a larger group of audience. Ranging from corporate events to personal life events like Birthday’s, Wedding Engagements and Weddings, now you can stream your events just by sending an digital invite to your family and friends.

Utsava lets you celebrate your important life events with your dear ones while maintaining the social distancing, guests can convey their wishes through chat and we are also integrating the gift module in the upcoming phase.

What are you getting?
- Digital Invitations (Images and Video Invites)
- Guest list Automation
- Personalised website for Live event streaming
- Free storage for one year

As we are spending our majority of time in the social media and entertainment nowadays, the amount of content we consume digitally is more and on the other hand the entertainment and media companies are figuring out the ways to deliver their exclusive content to their consumers in a more robust way with the help of technology. is an on-demand Entertainment platform where the users can get access to the various live entertainment events happening around them like audio launches, music concerts and more.

If you are looking for a technology partner to build a tech solutions for your businesses, we can help you build such solutions, from a small MVP to an enterprise-grade solution that can easily integrate with your existing system. Consult our tech experts and get the MVP ready in 4 weeks.

Janaspandana is an innovative product development company, who can help you to transform that long-awaited vision into a possible reality.

we will connect again with some more tech innovations on the coming Wednesdays, stay curious.

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