What’s under the hood? It’s Tech!

We had spent some time with our Chief Technology Officer Mr. Srikanth Yellapragada understanding his journey and here is what he has to say,

What made you pursue technology?

we have always been this family who believed that technology is the only way to implement solutions for our real-world problem and we discuss a lot about the general problems what we face and what are the best way to eliminate it. When I was in my college the second year, my dad was approaching multiple tech people to build a product. I got this curiosity about when, what, and how to develop a product, after which I did research and got excited about the idea of technology.

I feel that software engineering is in everything that we do nowadays and tech is being a third hand for all of us and also should be learned by everyone. Tech has proven a lot in providing robust solutions for our problems.

What was your initial experience and how it is different now, in the terms of business?

One day we got this government project to develop a tender website where we have got a lot of problems to play with and solved it successfully, everyone form the department liked our work and we have received the satisfactory certificate from TSTS which was the very first recognition we got, and no other company has received it back then, we were the first team to receive it.

We were pumped and we figured out the efficient way to develop solutions while running the business successfully, which is being an end-to-end technology company that builds solutions for different problems faced by government, society, and also businesses. Which will also, in the long run, gives us the expertise for building our products. We were facing a lot of new challenges at that time and finally, we designed a principle and culture for our company and it helped a lot to solve most of our challenges.

If Principle and Culture come first, what’s next?

Scrum made our management easier by giving us access to
- Make the entire process very transparent
- Help meeting the deadlines
- Implementing a software development culture

Scrum is fantasied these days with various project management software with a lot of added features but the core concept of scrum is as simpler that one can follow scrum just with the help of spreadsheets. Implementing the new process is always a harder decision to do but we have made some gutsy decisions that always fetched good for us.

What is more important when facing challenges?

Decisions, once we were committed to a client on building an very huge mobile application that too in tight deadlines, we have got a lot of things going on at that time point and the deadline was approaching, we have got 25 days to deliver the application. There is no chance of taking a step back, which will cost us in all aspects and moreover, we felt that is ethically not the right thing to do

We started figuring out solutions to deal with the situation, one of our teammates came up with the idea of using Flutter which was completely new at that point of time and did not even have a stable version of it, there is no community for it but it will reduce our development time, we got no option to leave with, we developed and delivered the application. The client was very impressed and now flutter has evolved as a hot technology in 2020, we are completely into flutter and now we have got immense exposure in developing the flutter applications by working on multiple projects in the last five years. Even now as a team, we are not constraining us to particular technologies, we are learning new technologies when needed.

We would always introduce ourselves as a team of aspirants with discipline and passion for learning. We are tech consultants and engineers who consults your business, understand the problem, designs and develop solutions using apt technologies which in a way reduces the developing time while delivering a robust application that will save the customers from putting extra penny from their pockets.

a. Anything is possible if you persevere.

Don’t give up. Take the plunge and persist. The prerequisite is having something you’re passionate about to get you through the dark times — that mission is what will sustain you.

You should be excited and motivated to go to work every morning and feel like you made a difference in someone’s life at the end of the day. Once you have those feelings, that job will become more than a job — it will be your passion and your career.

b. Find the right problem and solution.
You will make money on this problem if you find a perfect solution and sell it to the right people. If the idea behind your business is not bringing any value to people, it won’t last long.

Entrepreneurship means to live a life of daily motivation. People’s feedback about your product should bring you energy to bring more meaning to everything that you create.

Sometimes, you’ll regret the choices you have made because they didn’t prove to be right, but you should be willing to learn the lessons those decisions taught you.

Networking and meeting new people, mentors, and advisors crucial as these people can validate your business idea. Sometimes their advice is wise; sometimes it’s not. Learn how to filter everything you hear and keep only what you think is appropriate.

c. Learn four vital values and skills.
You must possess these skills to be a good entrepreneur:

  1. Patience: Only patience and your endurance will help you to get along your tough periods to welcome the good times.
  2. Improvisation: Sometimes you will face a sudden blockade when your automation is at full speed. You have to quickly perceive the deviation of the situation and take instant decisions to get hold of the situation.
  3. Confidence: Sometimes you will fall in uncomfortable situations and quitting might seem the right option. Your self-confidence will rescue you in those times.
  4. Loyalty: Whatever your business is, it won’t last long unless you remain truly loyal to your customers and employees.

d. Ask crucial questions before you start.

Janaspandana is an innovative product development company, who can help you to transform that long-awaited vision into a possible reality.

we will connect again with some more interesting experiences of young entrepreneurs in the coming Fridays, stay connected.

You can connect with us by dropping an email to business@janaspandana.in

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